SAC Bylaws

UDA's School Advisory Council shall serve as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees and provide recommendations in the following areas:

A. Development of educational goals and objectives;

B. Development of activities or programs that generate greater cooperation between the community and the school;


C. Ongoing evaluation of the educational programs of the school.

D. Other activities and objectives as recommended by the Council and approved by the Board of Trustees.
The Council is comprised of the following members:
Jeremy Long, Chair and parent Bio
Victoria González-Rivera, Co-Chair and parent of three UDA students Bio
Colleen Marble, Secretary and UDA teacher Bio
Molly Gilbert, UDA teacher Bio
Stan Jeffress, parent of two UDA students Bio
Jeffrey Birchak, parent of two UDA students Bio
Dr. Jenni Taylor, Director Bio
Kimberlee Orton, Front Office Administrator Bio