Namaste Today:
 After-School Yoga
​ & Mindfulness​
​(An Independent ​Program 
Operated on UDA Campus)
Namaste Today brings mindfulness and yoga to the youth of San Diego, California.  Our mission is to provide a safe space for children that allows them to breathe, bend, balance, and become focused.  We believe that by introducing mindful awareness practices and yoga into the lives of our young minds, we are helping to cultivate a brighter future.  Namaste Today aims to develop each student into a more focused, more physically fit, more balanced version of his or her holistic self.  
Registration for Quarter II Now Open!
This program is available to all UDA students, from Kinder to Eighth Grade. All levels are welcome.






Recess/ Break


Yoga on the Playground


Mindfulness Break 


Homework Help/ Book Club


Clean-Up/ Dismissal

*This program will be led by Emily Brehmer, Credentialed Teacher/ Former UDA Family Member/ Avid Downward Dogger.
Please note that this is an independent program, operated after-school on UDA campus.​
All Wednesdays, from 12:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m
(Wednesdays are now minimum days, so the regular school day will end at 12:00 p.m.).

The Namaste Today Program will take place on
the lower-level playground area on the UDA​ campus. 
Class Capacity:
25 Students

Why (The Benefits of Yoga):
​- ​
Relieves stress, anxiety, and depression
​- ​
Boosts levels of self-esteem and self-respect
​- ​
Increases concentration and the ability to focus
​- ​
Expands imagination and promotes creativity
​- ​
Provides tools for understanding and settling conflicts, internally and with others
​- ​
Promotes non-judgment and acceptance of ourselves and the world around us
​- ​
Enhances flexibility, strength, and coordination
​- ​
Reduces stress and improves quality of sleep
​- ​
Nurtures the digestive system and strengthens the immune system
​- ​
Improves both gross and fine motor skills
​- ​
Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle from an early age
​- ​
Encourages positive social interactions and empathy
​- ​
Increases a sense of community in classrooms and other social settings

What is the Cost of this program and how do I sign my kiddos up?
What about discounts for siblings or scholarships for parents who are not able to cover the costs of this program?​
  • Namaste Today provides a 10% discount for each additional sibling that signs up for the after-school program at Urban Discovery Academy (Discounts will be given upon checkout during registration online). ​
  • Scholarships may also be offered on a sliding scaled basis, according to economic need. Please send all inquiries and/or requests for scholarship applications to Emily Brehmer

Yoga & Mindfulness Q & A

What exactly is yoga anyway?
Yoga is a sanskrit word that means union. It is a way for us to exercise and unite our bodies, minds, and breath. During yoga, we practice different poses that imitate animals, nature, and lots of other spectacular things that we see around us everyday.  As we do this, we stay connected to our breath and focused in our minds. The outcome is a stronger, healthier union of the body, mind, and breath as well as an important shift toward wellness overall.

Alrighty, that sounds wonderful! But then what is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention to the present moment. We achieve this by connecting to our breath and becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions here and now.  By sitting quietly and observing our present experience, we are able to take note of what is happening inside of us and respond thoughtfully rather than impulsively. As we become more in touch with our thoughts and emotions, we become more focused, more empathetic, more thoughtful, and more regulated versions of ourselves. This helps us manage stress, build relationships, and understand the importance of self-care. Yoga and mindfulness are 100% complementary to one another.  

How does all of this work with children? 
Yoga and mindfulness are incredibly powerful for the little ones. While yoga helps children build a wonderful foundation of strength and flexibility, mindfulness relieves stress and improves a child's ability to focus.  When children are given these tools at an early age, they absorb the benefits much more readily than you or I, as adults. By
 these tools 
​to kids​
, we are also taking preventative measures, combatting things like bullying, test anxiety, and obesity before they even begin to manifest.  

My little one has a lot of trouble sitting still. How is he ever going to focus?
No problem.  A children's yoga class is very different from an adult yoga class. Namaste Today incorporates a ton of movement and playfulness as well as many opportunities to get those wiggles out! One of the first things that yogis are introduced to in these classes is knowing their limits and what works for them on any particular day.  There will be lots of times when classes shift gears to suit the way everyone is feeling.  Being flexible is a part of life!

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